Poetry from The Dinner Party in Women’s Ink by Colleen Keating


Society of Women Writers put out a call for writings on Women & War Cries. I quickly realised several of the women in my up and coming new book The Dinner Party would fit that theme and hence I am proud to have a centre fold  of poetry  including two poems Artemisia Gentileschi  1593-1652 and Boadicea 61 BCE. It was special to have the first notable promotion for my new book. ARTEMISIA GENTIILESCHI begins:

In her hands
the brush swept the canvas
azure blue, old gold, crimmson red . . .

Poems from The Dinner Party: by Colleen Keating. Her new book to be published in Autumn 2023 by Ginninderra Press (Herstory: A poetic response to a universal dinner party restoring women to history.