The Dinner Party A poetic response by Colleen Keating

Exciting news . . I am thrilled and excited that my new book The Dinner Party  A poetic response is finally up on Ginninderra Press website and can be pre-ordered . . .to be released on May 1st . A long journey to birth this new book but finally I have the first copy in my hand. Grateful to so many people and thanks to Stephen Matthews OAM and Ginninderra Press and to Michael and many poet friends.


The Dinner Party by the talented poet Colleen Keating brings to light, through beautiful lyrical poetry, what for centuries has been ignored: the power and strength of women. Very little has been made known about the lives of influential women of the past, as women’s lived experience has been suppressed, even erased from history. In this collection, the poet resuscitates the experience of women from prehistory to women’s twentieth-century revolution. Her poetry traces the lives of women who demonstrated their influence, in every field including philosophy, medicine, writing, art, astronomy, suffragists and justice warriors who fought for recognition. Women who gave their lives, suffered, broke barriers, knocked down walls, smashed glass ceilings, pried open doors, who defied patriarchy in some way for all of us. Still today as women are written into history, the struggle for our reckoning towards equality and respect continues. A must-read book that honours women; women who would not be silent.’

– Dr Beatriz Copello

‘With impeccable research and deep empathy, Colleen Keating continues her powerful poetic contribution to feminist literature with the celebration of thirty-nine of the more than a thousand women forgotten, marginalised or written out of Western history. A remarkable and beautifully imagined work.’

– Pip Griffin