About Me

My name is Colleen Keating and I am a poet and writer. I am based in Normanhurst, Sydney, but my works are read all around the world. My purpose in creating this website is to allow people to access my poetry and experience it unabridged.

My poetry explores the edges of intimate beauty, quiet fragility, and the deepest secrets of our earth. My poetry is a voice that speaks of the harsh realities of life’s inequality, injustice and environmental challenges. Having a Masters in Theology with my thesis in Spirituality, I feel a great responsibility to be that voice.

What Inspires Me

Having spent many years as an educator of primary, secondary and adult students, I have strong beliefs in education. I consider myself an autodidact and someone who intends to continue learning about the world for as long as I am here to experience it.

I believe in the healing powers of meditation and I am well-versed in the arts of Qigong and Tai Chi, Reike, REM Massage, Reflexology and Relaxation.

  • I love to read;
  • I love to walk by the sea;
  • I love to go bushwalking;
  • I love photography;
  • And I love to travel.

I am inspired by Lee Ann Womack’s words: “When you get the chance to sit it out or dance - dance.”

I encourage you to read my poetry. Feel free to use it as you please, but please give acknowledgement and send an enquiry.