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Some more poetry published this year.

Issue 6

Geikie Gorge
Mozzie Collaborative Poem 25,26,27


August 2016


MOZZIE. September issue 7

A tanka for the moon
A poem. Down on the river flats


My Christmas poem, Gardeners of Hope has been published in
the beautiful Benedictine e -magazine of the Good Samaritan Sisters,
The Good Oil . Thank you to the editor Stephanie Thomas.


To read the poem for Christmas click on the link




( edited and introduced by Susan Steggall)
was launched
at the luncheon for the Society of Women Writers
on November 9th 2016
by the writer Di Morrissey. It was a full house in the Dixon Room in the NSW Mitchell Library.

My poem, In Search of Hildegard of Bingen, short listed in the Dame Mary Gilmore Poetry Competition is included in the Anthology







has been short-listed in the Society of Women Writers Book Awards for 2016 .

The winners will be announced at the  Society of Women Writers NSW Inc luncheon on the 11th October . I am very proud to have my poetry affirmed and  short listed. Here was the exciting letter I received. Thank you Susan for all your hard work on our behalf.



* First Prize: Rosalind Meyer (Rosie’s War)
* Second Prize: Susan P Ramage
(Kokoda Secret: Ian Hutchison ,Australian Hero)
* Third Prize: Sue Castrique (Under the Colony’s Eye)
* Highly Commended: Ann Howard (You’ll be sorry. How World War II changed women’s lives)

* First Prize: Libby Sommer (My Year With Sammy)
* Second Prize: Johanna Nicholls (Golden Hope)
* Third Prize: Isolde Martyn (The Golden Widows)
* Highly Commended. Johanna Nicholls (The Lace Balcony)

* First Prize Cynthia Rowe (Floating Nest)
* Second Prize:  Karen Throssell (Motherhood Statement)
* Equal Third Prize:
Colleen Keating (A Call to Listen)
Marilyn Peck (A Girl in the River)

Subject: SWW 2016 Book Award (Poetry)

Date: 6 September 2016 9:28:06 am AEST

Dear Colleen,

I am very pleased to announce that your book, ‘A Call to Listen’, has been shortlisted for the SWW Book Award 2016. The actual awards will be announced at the SWW meeting on 12 October 2016. We very much hope you will be able to attend the meeting, so I am providing the booking details here.
I congratulate you on making the short list and look forward to the presentation of the Awards in October. It promises to be and exciting and important event in the annals of women’s writing.

SWW’s nominated book seller, Janet Grundy of Representation Services Pty Ltd will be available at the meeting to sell books by the award winning authors. Please let me know if you would like Janet to sell your books and I will pass your contact details to her.

Kind regards,
Dr Susan Steggall, President, Society of Women Writers NSW Inc



Positive Word August Issue 2016 two of my poems are published

Larapinta Trail

in the garden

THE MOZZIE Volume 24 Issue 5 July 2016

Taking Wings

Mulga Dreaming

* * * * * * * *


Women’s Ink July 2016 Magazine of the Society of Women Writers, includes a very positive review of our new Anthology Bare:Poetry and Prose Thanks to Judy O’Connor for the review.


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Poetry matters Issue 27, July 2016 published


one of my ekphrastic poems.

* * * * * * * *


The Mozzie Vol 24 Issue 4 June 2016 has published two of my newer poems funeral and refuge both inspired in reflective moments.

Positive Words Journal June Issue 2016 published a poem called
how to love a rock
from my Anthology and the Editor acknowledged my Anthology very positively.  See below

for web

* * * * * * * *


The Mozzie  Vol 24, Issue 3 May 2016 has published three of my newer poems. The poems claustrophobic  and belongings  and a new Haiku inspired by  my recent travels in the Top End.

* * * * * * * *
The poem flashback  and a Haiku on a moment during the evening my grand daughter was born are published in The Mozzie March April 2016.   As always thanks to Bill Henderson for his dedication to poetry.
* * * * * * * *

The poem anzac  is published in Positive Word  April 2016.  Thanks to Sandra  James  whose dedication to presenting a great magazine for writers is always affirming .
* * * * * * * *


The poem, lake poem  is published in Poetry Matters   Issue 26,  March 2016, as well as a Haiku of mine based on my visits to Japan. Thanks to Cheryl Howard for her great poetry journal and for affirming poets with her publication. It must be hard work with the dead line.

* * * * * * * *

The poem awakening is published in Poetry Matters, Issue 25 February 2016.
* * * * * * * *


taken from Society of Women Writers NSW Inc Journal

Women’s Ink

Call to Listen

by Colleen Keating

Published by Ginninderra Press
Reviewed by Judith O’Connor.

* * * * * * * *

This stylishly produced collection of some eighty poems,with a particularly tasteful and pleasing cover, is just what it says – a plea to stop   our activities and busyness and start looking, listening and observing the world around us. The poet supplies us with any number of simple examples:

it’s a hard thing to love a rock
you need to receive it as a gift
spend time
gaze . . . (‘How to Love a Rock’)


. . . a fallen water tank; rusted blood red . . .


But we quickly see that the range of topics and inspiration,
is far wider and deeper than what at first may appear incidental.
The collection is cleverly arranged into eight separate categories,
taking in a wide sweep of the poet’s life and experiences.
I particularly enjoyed the verses inspired by outback Australia
for which the poet has borrowed (and referenced) the words of Mary McKillop
‘We are but Travellers Here’. Having trekked to the summit of Mt. Sondar and hiked in many of the poet’s footsteps (‘Ormiston Pound’), I was surprised and delighted to read her award winning ‘Daybreak over Mt. Sondar’ and its moving description of the dawn:

…in the beginning
air static as a nylon petticoat pulled over my hair
fingerprints of red ruby . . . (‘Daybreak over MT. Sondar’)

Every page brings fresh and, at times, challenging verses on a range of human emotions from ‘Almost Dawn’ with its sensuality:

… he turns
arms cocoon me
in an aura of warmth
his breath tingles
in the dip of my neck . . . (‘Almost Dawn’)

to ‘At the Nursing Home’:

… I fill the foot bath
my elbow checks the tepid water … (‘At the Nursing Home’)

Another of my favourites, ‘Sisters’:

… we lunch together
we celebrate
the milestone of another decade
and that word ‘remission’ a green shoot springing
from the scarred black earth…

But from being a poem full of depression and sorrow, it ends magnificently:

….we splurge
with our lust for life
toast with a glass of bubbly
Joie de vivre (‘Sisters’)

The poets voice changes to anger and outrage in other poems such as ‘Guantanamo Bay’ ( . . . this is a poem not to be read aloud; for it speaks of solitaire confinement …) and ‘War on Terror’ ( … it’s coming; through a hole in the air) along with poems reflecting visits to Japan and Fromelles.

Whatever the reader’s mood, quest or interest, these poems are sure to satisfy, surprise and inspire.

* * *  * * * * *

This has been a productive year with the new Anthology BARE    being completed and launched by the Women Writers network.

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* * * * * * * *

Two poems were chosen for the anthology  Innerchild,
published by Poetica Christi Press.  

The first poem  on becoming a grandparent  was chosen by the judges,  and the second poem  distant grandparenting was chosen by the Book Committee.
* * * * * * * *

In a recent poetry competition at FreeXpresSion  two poems were successful.    Second place went to my poem    the hydra.

(It draws upon the ancient story of the hydra to parallel today’s problem of multiplyingevils and the effect on civilization)

Commended award went to my poem  siev x in memory.

( A memorial to the lives  and deaths of those on a sunken refugee boat , as it says  with harrowing detail

you must listen and know what one man can do to another”  The review commends vivid imagery used in both poems.     Thanks to Peter Pike’s dedication to poetry.

children in nauru

* * * * * *  *  *


November 2014  Publication of  A CALL TO LISTEN


* * * * * * * *

The poem   maybe salacia  has been chosen for the latest Central Coast Poets Inc. Anthology 2014

* * * * * * * *

The poem    a poem about silence   is  published and spoken on podcast in the May journal of Eureka Street    May 2014

* * * * * * * *

April 2014  Publication of Our Women’s Work  ANTHOLOGY  of Women Writer’s Network




Being Short listed for the Dame Mary Gilmore Poetry Award 2015 has been affirming.

The poem in search of Hildegard of Bingen has been commended in the Society of Women Writers of NSW, Dame Mary Gilmore Poetry Awards. Congratulations to Cynthia for first place. I will try for that next year.

My poem was inspired by my trip to Germany to walk in Hildegard’s footsteps, finding the ruins of her abbey and I wont tell you the end of the poem. You will have to wait for my new book of poetry which will include the winning poem to be published later this year.

Also next month it will be published in Women’s INK 3 publication of NSW Women Writers NSW.


“A feather on the breath of God” Hildegard of Bingen  Environmental mystic of the 12th century