Hildegard of Bingen


Welcome to my new page, Hildegard of Bingen.

More then 900 years ago in the lush Rhineland Valley of Germany there lived a woman of extraordinary spirit and courage. In a century that gave birth to what has been called the greatest Christian Renaissance, Hildegard of Bingen , whose lifetime spanned eighty per cent of that century (1098 – 1179)  stands out.

In her lifetime, Chartres Cathedral rose from the grain fields of France, Eleanor of Aquitane, and Thomas  a Becket  strode the political stage. Frederick Barbarossa frightened peasant and pope alike – and Hildegard dressed him down in a prophetic voice:      Bernard of Clairaux both reformed monastic life, assisted Hildegard as a brother monk, and ironically launched the Second Crusade. The Cathedral School of Paris was evolving into the University of Paris and her writings were approved there.  Heloise and Abelard fell in love and left their tragic story for generations to ponder.   Through all this Hildegard carried out her work of writing, composing, healing, studying  teaching, cajoling and prophesying.

This is the back ground of Hildegard.