Achievments 2


boys looking at sunset


Achievements  February 2019 – May 2019

Poem  Christchurch  in Mozzie Vol 27, issue 3 April 2019

Tanka  in Eucalypt  No 26

Launched  the poetry book, Bloom by Decima Wraxall at The NSW Writers Centre 10th May 2019

Final Edit  of Hildegard of Bingen: A Poetic Journey and steps taken towards publication late 2019

Haiku (2) in Echnida Tracks on line  March 2019

Workshop for U3A  Poetry and life of Dylan Thomas  Poetry Appreciation.  April 2019

Review for White Pebbles of Ginko ( Seasonal Walk) held  at Edogawa Japanese gardens and Art Gallery  East Gosford

Bowerbird Tanka Group Pearl Beach, reading on a tanka  30th March 2019

Poem  we are sorry in Our Hands  in Eureka Street Journal18th March 2019

Research for new writing project  February 29th -March 2nd 2019  AIATSIS Canberra

At Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders Studies Canberra


And my Research Assistant and friend,  Michael