The Rickety Bridge by Jacinta v. An exercise in creative writing


The Rickety Bridge

Crash! I heard the loud gushing water as I walked towards the ancient unstable rickety bridge.
I heard the creaking timber planks as I stepped my shaky legs onto the bridge. I saw the splintered wood and the jagged, rigid rocks as i carefully tiptoed across the bridge. I felt frightened and terrified as I thought of what would happen if I fell. I felt the sharp, spiky nails stab my feet. The frothy water like a cappacinno crashed against the sharp rocks 
by Jacints v


Jacinta’s year 5 class are working on descriptive writing .
Her teacher gave the class the image of the rickety bridge
and the class planned their paragraph .
They were encoureged to use similes, descriptive words and  onomatopoeia in their writing .

So proud of our granddaughter Jacinta who had her desriptive writing chosen for the school newsletter.

She loves life, netball, dancing running,  singing, and is always breathtakingingly joyful, light hearted and fun.


Blue Heron Review, so excited to be included in #16 Spring 2023 by Colleen Keating



“An awake heart is like a sky that pours light.” ― Hafiz

Dear Colleen,

Thank you so much for your wonderful submission to Blue Heron Review!  I am very pleased to accept your beautiful poem, “Winter Days,” for our upcoming Spring 2023 issue on the theme of SANCTUARIES AND PLACES OF PEACE, BHR #16.


Our next issue is due to be published online in late spring (approx. mid-May 2023).  I will send a link to the issue to all contributors when it is released.

Congratulations again, and thank you for being a Blue Heron poet!

With kind regards,

Cristina M. R. Norcross, Founding Editor

Blue Heron Review

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Cristina M. R. Norcross, Editor

Blue Heron Review

Windows for Miracles (Türkiye and Syria) by Colleen Keating

 windows for miracles

After a baby was rescued  from the rubble 150 hours
after the  Türkiye and Syria earthquake 

windows for miracles
open hands dig
exposed in corruption and winter freeze
brute force against crushed
walls of concrete 

windows for miracles
rimy pictures extort tears   
tiny pockets of air save
and in renascence we all 
breathe humanity’s ache

windows for miracles
closed hard as steel shutters
trapped against meaning  
we scramble under rubble of news
grass and birds stone-walled

Colleen Keating




reminder an elegy by Colleen Keating


air is riven with grief quiet
staccato of words like whispers
spread a low slow pall shroud
our small communal world

yet in this laden torpor
cicadas still ring their song
timid blue-hearted pansies nod
and in the Harmony garden
a young hibiscus bursts
into flower it’s yellow suns
quiver with meaning

today at the funeral
words of comfort search
dragonflies on the mirrored–
surface of our loss

from a screen memories draw us in
their toasting with wine laughter
arms lovingly encircled
hugs of celebrations
to a backdrop of our tended garden
multi-coloured petunias
the white magnolia
rambling  roses that give and give

this is life it is beautiful
it reminds us of the fable
where a fish asks ‘where is the sea?’
and the wise fish answers ‘you’re in it!’

back at home  sweet scent
of friendship wafts from the garden

Di Yerbury Residential Award 2023 has a vibrant winner by Colleen Keating

                                       Congratulations to Belinda Murrell  

                                                          on winning this year’s

                                   Di Yerbury Residency in Barnstaple, Devon.

Judges’ Report:
The applications shortlisted for the 2023 Di Yerbury Residency were outstanding. They each demonstrated a solid background of writing and publishing, study and research, accomplished writing skills and a publishing track record. All have received various writing and publishing awards.
The writing samples were of a high standard, demonstrating the applicants’ command of the necessary attributions for publication. Research and writing plans were detailed and showed how the Di Yerbury Residency would assist their current writing and research.
It made our task of selecting a winner extremely difficult. It took several weeks of considering and assessing the applications to come to a decision.
We believe that our chosen winner meets the residency criteria and the spirit of the Di Yerbury Residency. We feel sure that she will make the most of her opportunity to research and write her novel while overseas.
The award this year for a proposed novel with the working title The Shadow Girl goes to:
Belinda plans to research and write the first draft of a proposed novel set during the 1930s and 1940s, ‘shining a light on the courage and achievements of a forgotten Australian woman war correspondent … inspired by the remarkable true-life story of Margaret Gilruth’ and the ‘fascinating World War II history of young English and Australian women working for the secret Y listening stations in Abbots Cliff, near Dover, decoding enemy messages from German pilots and naval vessels’.
We congratulate Belinda Murrell and wish her all the best with her research and look forward to reading her novel The Shadow Girl when it is published.

Colleen Keating and Sharon Rundle

Judges, Di Yerbury Residency 2023

Australian biographer
Dianne Yerbury AO is an Australian university administrator and company director. She was the Vice-Chancellor of Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia from 1987 to 2005. She was Australia’s first female Vice-Chancellor, and was also the longest serving Vice-Chancellor of Macquarie University.Wikipedia