southerly buster


Another one of my poems about the sea. I had walked from The Entrance around past the pool towards Toowoon Bay,  when I saw the southerly coming, always a relief from the heat of summer,  but when you  get caught out walking, you need a tree for protection.  And as you will discover in the following poem I was not alone looking for cover in the down pour.





southerly buster

on a pearly-silver day
a celestial backdrop
of slanted shafts of light
for a bearded god
to peer over
with smile or frown

I rambled
around reefy outcrops
perfect for crashing spindrift displays
with miniature ocean-worlds at my feet

but the weather turned

swirling charcoal wind
like cold grey dragon’s breath
scudded sand
whipped my legs making
my walk a huddled hurry
scurrying to beat the squall.

a banksia near the sand
saved the soaking that could have been
honey dew cones
as i crouched for shelter

my walk cut short
the sea shrouded
vista gone
i could’ve felt alone
but two birds joined me
masked lapwing plovers
their long-legs danced
delighting this turn around day