An evening walk finds me out along a jetty with a solitary feeling of silence.   The silence is changed when I hear a stir and I find I am not alone!
The photo I have added is one I took at The Entrance which I like to think picks up the words

“the last plum flush of the day “



a dormitory of cormorants sleep
strung out like dracula’s washing
on phosphate denuded branches
of norfolk pines
high above rippled
navy water of tuggerah lake


far to the west the wattigan range
the last plum flush of the day


the night sky
dimly at first
breathes thousands of tiny lights


walking alone
along the jetty


i hear a stir
shiver of reeds
vagrant swish of water


and glimpse
a cormorant


i stand and watch it
dive resurface dive again


in darkest water
playing alone