The Rickety Bridge by Jacinta v. An exercise in creative writing


The Rickety Bridge

Crash! I heard the loud gushing water as I walked towards the ancient unstable rickety bridge.
I heard the creaking timber planks as I stepped my shaky legs onto the bridge. I saw the splintered wood and the jagged, rigid rocks as i carefully tiptoed across the bridge. I felt frightened and terrified as I thought of what would happen if I fell. I felt the sharp, spiky nails stab my feet. The frothy water like a cappacinno crashed against the sharp rocks 
by Jacints v


Jacinta’s year 5 class are working on descriptive writing .
Her teacher gave the class the image of the rickety bridge
and the class planned their paragraph .
They were encoureged to use similes, descriptive words and  onomatopoeia in their writing .

So proud of our granddaughter Jacinta who had her desriptive writing chosen for the school newsletter.

She loves life, netball, dancing running,  singing, and is always breathtakingingly joyful, light hearted and fun.