A Fun weekend exploring the beach and some creative work from Jazz and Dom

One of my favourite places, ” says Jazz.

Lots of  ocean-exploring  over the weekend with Jazz & Dom.  Jazz says she could sit all day and watch the vissisitude of the ocean. We talked about the wild waves crashing and the small timid waves creeping in and the ever changing ocean. I loved it that the ocean holds her in all its moods. It was low tide, which gave us scope to ramble about, rock hopping and gazing into rock pools , one of our happy places.

Jazz exploring at low tide

Jazz pondering  the unceasing quest of the ocean

Jazz who plans to be a Marine Biologist and hopes in some way to play her part in saving our oceans  found lots of interest in our afternoon walk. Our most beautiful being the blood-red Anemone

Sometimes it is called the Waratah Anemone and at low tide it  looks like a small red blob on crevices near rock pools. In this state it has all its tentacles drawn in to minimise its exposure to the air while it waits for the return of the tide. We were lucky to capture a few waving their tenticles around looking flower like.

The Neptune’s necklace actually called Hormosira and other sea weed and the different varieies of  kelp  and sea weed was another interesting thing to explore .  Some people forage this for their gardens or to eat as it is full of sea  mineral. 

Below are some of the haiku and tanka Jazz wrote at school this week.




nature’s stream glowing

glistening in the dark

   cockatoos singing


trees of vibrant green

the silent breeze blowing through

earth’s heart beat echoes


the flowers blooming

nature’s waterfall crashing

cascading rivers


colourful rainbows

reflecting on water

oh what a great sight



the ocean  waves crush

whales leaping joyfully

seaweed flowing through

sealife swimming happily

dolphns squeaking, fish playing


the colour of blue

reflecting off the blue sky

the sea gulls chirping

salty scent of the ocean

wind blowing through my wet hair


Dom practiced spinning stones with Pa,  sliding down sandhills, walling up the rockpools and exploring and sharing out search to observe marine life and sharing his very talented gift of drawing a dragon.


Drawing a detailed dragon

Getting some hints from Pa on spinning stones


and surfing in Keating beach


Back at the beach house listening to the ocean in the shell and having brekky with the family.


The Rickety Bridge by Jacinta v. An exercise in creative writing


The Rickety Bridge

Crash! I heard the loud gushing water as I walked towards the ancient unstable rickety bridge.
I heard the creaking timber planks as I stepped my shaky legs onto the bridge. I saw the splintered wood and the jagged, rigid rocks as i carefully tiptoed across the bridge. I felt frightened and terrified as I thought of what would happen if I fell. I felt the sharp, spiky nails stab my feet. The frothy water like a cappacinno crashed against the sharp rocks 
by Jacints v


Jacinta’s year 5 class are working on descriptive writing .
Her teacher gave the class the image of the rickety bridge
and the class planned their paragraph .
They were encoureged to use similes, descriptive words and  onomatopoeia in their writing .

So proud of our granddaughter Jacinta who had her desriptive writing chosen for the school newsletter.

She loves life, netball, dancing running,  singing, and is always breathtakingingly joyful, light hearted and fun.