The launch of new poetry book Hildegard of Bingen:A poetic journey


An exciting day with family and friends to launch my new book Hildegard of Bingen: A poetic journey. 

Out of the darkness and pain
of her own journey.
Hildegard speaks.
She sings and writes.
She travels and preaches.

Hildegard resists to the end,
with courage, determination,
and at times defiance,
against patriarchy, ignorance,
superstitution fear and betrayal.

She urges us to wake up’
take responsibility, make choices.

She finds no room for fear, no excuse for silence.

Her eighty-two years vibrate
with so much creativity
and expansion of consciousness
that she call us still over 900 years later
to rise from our sleep
and live with passion and blood
in order that we might contribute
to enrich the turning of our cosmos
with justice and compassion.