Eucalypt: A Tanka Journal Issue 35, 2023

Eucalypt Issue 35, 2023. has arrived . It is a beautifully presented journal thanks to the editor, Julie Thorndyke . It is a special craft to write a tanka. So much is said in 5 short lines , 31 beats. It is great to be published with the many seasoned tanka writers . It was great to see my friends Andrew Hede and Michael Thorley included.


a new sandbar
slows the river’s rush
towards the sea
sometimes in my life
I wonder why I hurry

Colleen Keating
️ ️️️️

first memory
my bassinette passed
over the fence
to the baby sitter –
the night full of stars

Michael Thorley
️ ️️️️

in a glass jar
on a surgeon’s bookshelf
a baby’s heart
she knew
els beside a headstone
replacing the white roses

Andrew Hede
️ ️️️️