Eucalypt: A Tanka Journal, Issue 36, 2024

The latest Tanka Journal, arrived earlier this month and includes two of my new tanka amidst the many wondeeful  tanka and tankist writers.  It is an honour to be published with so many dedicated and good poets.

Thank you to  our  editor Julie Thorndyke for her dedication to our tanka and for their   sensitive presentation .


And sensitively placed with the poignat tanka of Rachel Colombo

*The Madonna della Pietà, informally known as La Pietà, is a marble sculpture of Jesus and Mary at Mount Golgotha representing the “Sixth Sorrow” of the Blessed Virgin Mary by Michelangelo Buonarroti, now in Saint Peter’s Basilica, Vatican City.











And i love it is set with two of my dear friends Beverley George and Andrew Hede.


Eucalypt: A Tanka Journal Issue 35, 2023

Eucalypt Issue 35, 2023. has arrived . It is a beautifully presented journal thanks to the editor, Julie Thorndyke . It is a special craft to write a tanka. So much is said in 5 short lines , 31 beats. It is great to be published with the many seasoned tanka writers . It was great to see my friends Andrew Hede and Michael Thorley included.


a new sandbar
slows the river’s rush
towards the sea
sometimes in my life
I wonder why I hurry

Colleen Keating
️ ️️️️

first memory
my bassinette passed
over the fence
to the baby sitter –
the night full of stars

Michael Thorley
️ ️️️️

in a glass jar
on a surgeon’s bookshelf
a baby’s heart
she knew
els beside a headstone
replacing the white roses

Andrew Hede
️ ️️️️



Eucalypt Tanka Journal ed. Julie Thorndyke

Thank you to Julie Thorndyke for her excellent editoring of the Eucalypt Journal for Tanka. I always feek excited and honoured when Julie chooses one of my tanka for the publication.

Dear Colleen,

Thank you for your submission to Eucalypt issue 35.
I have pleasure in accepting the following poem


a new sandbar

slows the river’s rush

toward the sea

sometimes in my life

I wonder why I hurry


Colleen Keating



Eucalypt: A Tanka Journal Issue 34, 2023 edited by Julie Thorndyke



It is always a joy to receive the new edition of Eucalypt and especially joyful when one of my tanka is included amongst the many startling and succinct tanka . This month is no exception  receiving Issue 34 2023.  Lovingly presented
and including tanka that takes days to ponder and absorb .


pink glow

behind silver grey clouds


medical reports

still to be explained

Colleen Keating








Eucalypt tanka journal, Issue 32, 2022 : update by Colleen Keating


Great to receive the latest Eucalypt tanka journal, Issue 32 , 2022,
find one of my tankas included – ‘flawed journey’
and to enjoy the leisure and pleasure in
dipping in and out of this enjoyable journal.
Thank you to the editor Julie Anne Thorndyke
for the wonderful presentation of our work.
I feel honoured to be included  . . .  named side by side with this
International group of Tanka writers

‘flawed journey’

eucalypt leaves
I search for the unblemished
only to realise
that beauty is in
their flawed journey

Eucalypt Tanka Journal Issue 31 ed. Julie Thorndyke

Eucalypt Tanka Journal

 Issue 31

Amongst the bills, real estate adds, junk mail, other vague advertising letters
it was like a bright star in a dark sky to find the latest edition of Eucalypt Issue 31
beautifully edited and placement done with loving care by Julie Thorndyke. I dropped everything and the afternoon wiled away with a coffee enjoying the tanka and the world came wildly alive with my mind listening, observing, all senses stirred.

Eucalypt is the first Australian journal devoted to the ancient Japanese poetry genre
called tanka and I feel so proud to be included in Eucalypt Issue 31
with all the amazing Tanka writers.

I love my ladybug tanka. It is filled with colour, climate change,
endangered animals, picnis , sharing with grandchildren and nature

a ladybug

lands on our picnic blanket

blackdots on red

my grandson exclaims

I didn’t know they were real

My ladybug tanka speaks of climate change where our bugs and beetles
and especially the colourful Christmas beetles are disappearing.
Disappearance of vegetation, change in food chain etc the cause
. and how our children and our grandchildren are being deprived
of this natural beauty.

Secondly it speaks of sharing natures moments with the grandchildren
being out in the nature of the Blue Mountains lying on a picnic rug
and getting the opportunity of sharing  something which is becoming rare.

Thank you Julie Thorndyke for your dedication to writing, poetry, and tanka.


Eucalypt: A Tanka Journey celebrating 30 issues by Colleen Keating


Exciting to receive the latest Eucalypt: A Tanka Journal in the mail.  This month celebrating 30 issues of Tanka.

(Beverley George always  acclaimed for the first 20 issues.)

Thank you to the editor, Julie Thorndyke and congratulation on her very creative and thoughtful presentation of our tanka. Proud to see my name twice and feel privileged being included in every Eucalypt since I began writing Haiku and Tanka . . . the succinct intimate Japanese form of poetry.

Julie has her own new collection of stories Divertimento: Stories by Julie Thorndyke publ. Ginninderra Press 2021,  just recently published by Ginninderra Press so this is double congratulations  to her.  Julie spoke at Society of Women Writers of NSW last meeting  in Member Bites 

Launch of Mrs. Rickaby’s Lullaby by Julie Thorndyke


to Julie Thorndyke on the launch of her novel Mrs Rickaby’s Lullaby.

Celebrating the birth of a new book is always one of the great pleasures, after all the hard work in bring it to fruition.  It was launched by the well known poet and writers and mentor Beverley George surrounded by Julie’s family, friends and writing colleagues. And very enjoyable to share a glass of wine and some delicious cheeses while  we chatted with writer, friends old and new.

Hartog Bookshop at Macquarie Centre was a welcoming  space for just such an experience. 

Special  mention was made of Ginninderra Press and the invaluable gratitude many of us have for the support we receive from this publishing company. Thanks to Brenda and Stephen Matthews.  

Mrs. Rickaby’s Lullaby was a wonderful read, cleverly written with well developed characters and twists of story just like in real life.