Society of Women Writers – Workshop with Patti Miller

It was  a very helpful and informative workshop at the State Library of NSW  with Patti Miller. She titled it,

The Difficulty of Truth Telling in Writing a Memoir

No woman is an Island.

We are all part of a family, a circle of friends, work groups, socail groups,  – sport, religion, interest, hobbies.

We have a  truth – a different truth for each different group.

We become socialised to know what truth to tell to each group.

When we sit down to write a memoir things come to the fore . . .1.  We don’ want to hurt the other, family,  friends.   2. It might change the way people think of us. 3. There is pressure to be nice, 4. Pressure to keep the peace. . . be the angel in the house.

Yet without feeling free to tell your truth the memoir will luck genuine authenticity.

Some hints to Tell the Truth and Survive

  1. The tone of your voice. Not what you say . . . it is how you say it. Not bitter, not accusing , not a rort for revenge, not a statement  for a statement’s sake . It must be like a velvet glove slipped into context.
  2. Put it all down in Draft one not to show but it gets a lot of angst out of you and it doesn’t have to be published.
  3. Remember it is your truth, your opinion,  your perspective.

We then workshopped our own writing  beginning

My  . . . . . . . would not want me to write about . . . .

We did not have to share it, but the brave souls who shared  . . .showed us the power of truth – telling.