Society of Women Writers April Meeting

A fresh Autumn morning . I set out by train for the city to attend the monthly gathering of the Society of Women Writers. ( SWW)

Each month it is held at the State Library of NSW over in  the  Dixson Room in the original Mitchell Library. And being a Friend of the Library I enjoy a coffee and some quiet space in  the Friends room before hand

This month  Pattie Miller lead the workshop .

and luncheon with the key note spesker as Pattie again on the topic of

and a very interest talk with Libby Hathorn and the first release of her new children’s book Miss Franklin .

It was a very pleasant gathering  and Pattie as always very informative

One of the exciting unfolding pieces of information Pattie Miller  held up the  new Stella Award book  An Erratic life by Vickie Laveau-Harvie            . Pattie was excited as Vicki had been on e of her students . I was excited firstly for Vicky winning such a prestigious prize but that I had spent the week at Varuna 

Society of Women Writers – Workshop with Patti Miller

It was  a very helpful and informative workshop at the State Library of NSW  with Patti Miller. She titled it,

The Difficulty of Truth Telling in Writing a Memoir

No woman is an Island.

We are all part of a family, a circle of friends, work groups, socail groups,  – sport, religion, interest, hobbies.

We have a  truth – a different truth for each different group.

We become socialised to know what truth to tell to each group.

When we sit down to write a memoir things come to the fore . . .1.  We don’ want to hurt the other, family,  friends.   2. It might change the way people think of us. 3. There is pressure to be nice, 4. Pressure to keep the peace. . . be the angel in the house.

Yet without feeling free to tell your truth the memoir will luck genuine authenticity.

Some hints to Tell the Truth and Survive

  1. The tone of your voice. Not what you say . . . it is how you say it. Not bitter, not accusing , not a rort for revenge, not a statement  for a statement’s sake . It must be like a velvet glove slipped into context.
  2. Put it all down in Draft one not to show but it gets a lot of angst out of you and it doesn’t have to be published.
  3. Remember it is your truth, your opinion,  your perspective.

We then workshopped our own writing  beginning

My  . . . . . . . would not want me to write about . . . .

We did not have to share it, but the brave souls who shared  . . .showed us the power of truth – telling.

Fire on Water: Highly Commended in SWW Awards 2018




The SWW  Book Awards were announced in the Historic State Library at a packed Literary Luncheon on Wednesday.

I am thrilled to announce Fire on Water has won the Highly Commended Award in the Society of Women Writers Biennial Poetry Award  2018.   Thank you to the SWW of NSW Inc. for running this Competition . It is very affirming to be acknowledged and i felt very proud to be standing on the podium with a group of talented poets and writers. Congratulations especially to Susan Fealty for her book Flute of Milk that was the 2018 Winner and to the other runners up, my friend Beverley George for her Tanka collection Only in Silence  and Kathryn Fry for Green Point Bearings. 

Thanks to the  acclaimed  poetry and children’s author Judge Libby Hathorn, and especially thank-you to Stephen Matthews and Ginninderra Press,  who must be very affirmed by Ginninderra’s achievements in this Competition.  Thanks to Family and friends who have wished me the best for Fire on Water and all who are buying this well Awarded book through Ginninderra  Press.