Always looking for new images for the waves that roll in often looking as if they are showing off as they give off their spindrift especially golden in the morning sun. I thought of the coxcomb our rooster had when I was a little girl and it chased me all the way from the chook yard to my back door when I went up to feed it and be its friend . This day the waves had that same look.



wind whips up a moody day
buffs a motley sky

rain squalls in tide
busts out with fullness
slaps the rocks in glib elation

a wildness of waves
dizzily flamboyant
with flustered curl and spin
jostle their way to shore
plumed dandies together in a parade

rugged-up surfers
lean against their vans
scan the ocean boards still on their racks
envious of these coxcomb waves