milky way dreaming

This poem was written from a memory at Alice Springs after  meeting Norah Jurrah Nelson in 2006 and my cousin, seeing I had fallen in love with it buying me her painting of The Seven Sisters, a canvas spread out on the earth held down by four stones . I like to think it still has some red dirt on it. Now framed on my wall.

milky way dreaming

sun ablaze

dark skin

shines with sweat

her eyes look up   catch me


she sits on the earth

a red sandy space

at the edge of the alice springs mall

her canvas held down

by four small rocks


milky way dreaming


a sash of silver gossamer

arches across the black canvas

in a brilliance of stars

to the side seven dotted circles

she points

names the seven sisters


only desert eyes know this sky

paint this song of stars

didgeridoo dancing stars


fiery-white and deep


now on my wall