Hildegard of Bingen by Colleen Keating just keeps giving.

One of my favorite books is Hildegard of Bingen, A Poetic Journey by Colleen Keating.

It is a brilliant approach to sharing St. Hildegard’s story.
(I have a few copies of it in The Green Shepherdess!)
Today, I was reading the poem, “A New Earth” from this book and I just love the following: 

“Hildegard looks across the gardens 

pleased to see Guda with her workers, 

breathes in the scented blooms of jasmine. 

Raspberry leaves catch her attention, 

crunches them between her fingers, 

murmurs approval, 

‘almost ready for the teas.’ “

Thank you Professor Shanon  Sterringer, Pastor of Hildegard Haus and owner of The Green Sheperdess LLC in Fairport Harbour, Ohio.USA
for your affirmation and for the amazing story you are creating for our future. I love Hildegards of the 21st century.