Fourth Australian Haiku Anthology: under the same moon edited by Lyn Reeves, Vanessa Proctor Rob Scott

Today it is exciting to receive this equisite Haiku Anthology, under the same moon  and so proud to  have  three of my hailu included with many well known haikuists.  

‘Alive with birds and frogs, suffused with the threat of bushfires and floods, these haiku sing with the uniqueness of Australian life. The skill on show is breathtaking , as distinctive individul voices lay bare moments of joy, loss, awareness and connection to inner and outer landscapes. ” Esther Ottaway


Colleen Keating   I am excited to have three of my awarded haiku over the past few years published .

on my doorstep
a single rose softens

birds and frogs
harmonise at dawn
Kakadu billabong

spring backburn
smells of last summer
waft on the wind

In the blurb on the back cover the well known poet Kevin Brophy writes:  “And just as the butterfly puts so much effort into being light, you’ll wonder, does  the haiku compress or expand the world ?. Does it vanish into its possible meanings or is each haiku, like autumn leaves, competing to be the most strangely beauitful object on the forest floor? “An amazing analogy,  And amazing  how 17 syllables or in the Japanese way 17 beats of sound  can  tell us a cosmic story from the minute nano size story to the universe expanding vision.

An example  of this is from Dr Andrew Hede . His haiku  expresses  the grandness of the moment of experience  ‘virgin forest’  to  the humble minuteness  by  the age read in the time line of growth.
It speaks of the loss of our virgin forests which are disappearing and the reality of the time to grow and the moment of cutting down it with the fresh-cut stump,

virgin rainforest
ninety-four rings
on a fresh-cut stump

Andrew Hede  Page 44.

Below is the back cover with the blurb I qouted from and my page of haiku.

Thank you to the editors for  the new Anthology  for its  beautiful sensitive  presentation and choice of haiku.