Seeking escape in nature by Colleen Keating




waiting out a storm 

when wild weather is forecast                                         
we set out to escape 
plan things to wile away the time 
rather than waiting for it to hit

when clouds blow in dark and threatening 
we pack a picnic 
seek out nature 
and find consolations

in the shadow of 
doctors reports  tests 
verdicts more tests and treatments 
nature is the antidote

the sun on our back 
the wind in our hair
the balmy smells of the outdoors                                              
we find the secret to living. 

Colleen Keating





Ku-Ring-Gai Wildflower Garden  for a walk in nature and picnic. It was a hot , balmy day and although we walked a lot in shade the eucalypt aroma was wonderful.

The  heady, healing  eucalypt aroma as we walked  made us feel very positive.