Sometimes I think I can hear light speak by Colleen Keating

Sometimes I think I can hear light speak to me . I hear all its moods and they often parallel with mine. The whole day the light is with me from the moment it bursts from the dark to the time it leaves for us all to rest and even with it coming and going it is wonderful in its expression. In all its sounds, in all its expressions light is true and in that comforts whatever its mood for I know things never stay the same  or static . . .joy or grief  . .this too will change.


One day the sun admitted,
I am just a shadow.
I wish I could show you
The Infinite Incandescence
That has cast my brilliant image!
I wish I could show you,
When you are lonely or in darkness,
The Astonishing Light
Of your own being!

by Hafiz

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