When you can only take photos from the window  by Colleen Keating

When you can only take photos from the window 

(in self-isolation from covid-19)

I had forgotten how much light there is in the world till you gave it back to me
Ursula Le Guin  A Wizard of Earthsea

you can be caught easily by a showy redhead grevillea
the fancy filagree sprays of white Fiddlewood florets
the yellow curl of aspen’s hint of autumn

you can be caught by the one native miner
that flies in cute and curious
and snap it from every angle with each flit of wing

yet in the window frame of my mind
it is greenery that speaks to us today
with constancy of presence 


how its algorithm of leaf space
pattern and deft design
underscore artisry

how it covers the ground
when left untamed   patient when trimmed
how it begins again    never gives up

a grass tortoise of the fable
it’s slow slog     up trellis     over pipes
down walls

resolute against  drought   fire    plague
how it regenerates    never resiles
to come back


and how the most insignificant–
titled  weeds break through black plastic
distort concrete and pavement

to find the crack
the crack to get back
the light that beckons carry on 

it reminds me
how first green shoots 
of snow bells spear apart dark soil

how moist green worlds
congregate in alcoves of rock
in the hottest of deserts  

and how the play of light




giving us a thousand shades of green