Walking Tracks





How lucky to be in walking distance of a verdant green world of trees and rocks and native bush running creek and waterfalls . In the past  yabbies  were caught and children played freely in the bush. In my school days it was a bush where we went on picnics sitting in caves and dangling our feet in the Wahroonga Creek. 

And of course just over 200 years before our time here the the Eora  people lived in the caves , drank  water from the creek and found the foods of the seasons.  They made their fires found smooth rocks to grind the  grass seeds  into flour for the  hot honey cake  and then the singing and dancing and family life.

Today Michael and I make this journey to help keep our spirits up and for physical exercise. essential in this time of isolation and social distancing. 


After walking across the highway and along a neighbourly street we know the track down into a world of quiet peace and a touch of veriditas that refreshed revitalises and renews us.  The Bird Nests were thriving and the maiden hair ferns  full of veriditas. Because we have had good rain it is wonderful to hear the running creek and to smell the moistness of the air.