Walking Tracks


Summer Walk:The Poetry of Tuggerah Lake.  2020



Our walk begins on the beach,  

low tide and the sea gulls 

strutting  on the edge,

a flotilla of pelicans glide 

with the incoming tide.

A cormorant dives over and over

no chance of predicting where he’d surface.  

Coffee from the barrister 

at The Lake House is worth the anticipation

(no milk at the apartment so we were hanging out.) 




Two fisherman gut their catch at the sink- bench 

and pelicans line up for their share of the feed.

Corellas paired up preen each other

some in the trees singing and playing

near an awkward looking ibis pretending 

to be an elegant on a branch 

where cormorants look like notes

on musical staves and on the lake 

black swans silky as ballerinas 

flaunt with their reflection

on the shiny mirrored lake.

Lap wings were out 

squawking to claim their territory.

The council has fenced off 

the sand dune to protect 

the nests of the Little Terns 

who migrate from China for the summer 

and we watch their acrobatics

around the  dunes and seaweed.

The sandstone rocks glint

with their striations and swivels and colour 

showing us more than any history 

or geology text book could

Our signature spoonbill

we expect to see, is again there

as we cross the bridge near the lake,

with his caravan of ducks 

as he disturbs the mudflat.

The morning lake catches 

the clouds the sky and ever changing light

and on our way back as the tide turns 

the spray against the rocks 

sings alleluia to another day