The following poem was written from a memory of a rendezvous. There were no words. Few would have noticed it. Early one morning sitting at a small outdoor restaurant on a narrow cobbled street just off the exciting Plaza Major having breakfast in Madrid, Spain . Yes we were people watching and we witnessed this exchange.


she plumply blooms
flowery blouse
curved simple skirt
bobby pinned hair
round smiling face

she sweeps the cobbled stones
around the entrance
to her shop on calle de zaragoza
tourist route to madrid’s plaza mayor

she moves to a rhythm
her sweepings her friendship offering

glances down the narrow way
then waves and blushes

the street cleaner in his eco-truck
moves towards her
eases around her about her
his wet angled spinning brooms roar
he smiles and continues on

glowingly she looks after him
content with her rendezvous