Echidna Tracks Issue 11 Elements and Haiku


Echidna Tracks No 11 has just concluded

Echidna Tracks Issue 11  edited by Gavin Austin and Marilyn Humbert. Thank you to them  for the time and passion for haiku and thanks especially to Lynette Arden  for the  joy Echnida Tracks gives us daily  at 6.30 am as a new gift arrives in our inbox

roosting lorikeets
chatter into the night
moon glow

Colleen Keating

among clouds
sweep the shallows

Colleen Keating

sickle moon—
barefoot around
a crescent beach

Colleen Keating

an ocean
to the other side

Colleen Keating

Love this direction for The Elements

Whether you are drawn to the ancient categories of Earth, Air, Fire and Water or are more at home with chemistry and current ideas in physics and cosmology; our theme deals with nature in the raw, the fundamentals of existence. Stone, soil, sea, wind and sky come to mind, as do energy, light, matter, electricity, space and time. Perhaps your world is an enchanted one; animated by spirit and containing magical and miraculous elements. You might also be open to the idea that the universe is composed of mind stuff, the stuff of which dreams are made, or is it all a mystery beyond words (though as aspiring poets we shall try). There is scope here to explore our place as thinking, feeling and social beings immersed in immensities and carried along in the flux of it all; the possibilities are endless and go to the heart of haiku. Take us into the heart of your universe, share your visions and wonder – leave us adazzle, quietly reflective and moved in one way or another…

Editors for Echidna Tracks Issue 11: Elements will be Gavin Austin and Marilyn Humbert.