imagine walking along a noisy street
mind twirling like a wind blown chime
enter a parkland
where even your footsteps
are absorbed by the grass

find yourself like alice shrunk in wonderland
before a field of sunflowers
with dawning faces like a thousand spinning suns
fanfare of rusted gold
dressed lavishly in green

watch them turn a slow liturgical dance
to follow the sun
and be amazed

busily as is their destiny
nectar for bees
seeds rowed up in lines for birds

then stand scarred weather-worn
to their last crumble crunched
dried up life cycle

they have no desires
only lush beauty
and their moment in time

The poem above was inspired by a writers retreat in Toowoomba at Lyn and Rick B & B when over the road in the gardens the Sunflowers were at their full glory beckoning me to join with all the other poets and artist and musicians and find words to continue their glory