Newcastle Writers Festival 2023 : a treat by Colleen Keating

Newcastle Writers Festival.


The Space before the Stars:  Indira Naidoo in Conversation about finding space for her broken heart  in nature  and the urban landscape.

After her sister died during the pandemic she found on her normal walk a large 150 year old Morton Bay Fig  that she had passed so many times before spoke to her and saved her .



The Power of Art to heal  – the ongoing engagement with the struggle for justice

Damien Linnane, Kathleen Mc Phillip, Sarah-Jane Page,  and hosted by Suzanne Smith.

Judy Beveridge, Keri Glastonbury, Sarah Holland–Batt

and Juno Gemes at the remembering and celebrating Robert Adamsom event.


Onward:   Celebrating Robert Adamson. Readings by Judith Beveridege, Keri Glastonbury, Sarah Holland–Batt, Robbie Coburn, Mark Mordue with DC Cross and Juno Gemes – his final reading at Brett Whiteley Studio  launch of “Reaching Light’

Sarah Holland–Batt reading in honour of Robert Adamsom

Judy Beveridge reading in honour of Robert Adamsom



Juno Gemes                                                          The late Robert Adamsom

. This is the last  reading  at the launch of his book  Reaching Light. It was at  at the Brett Whitley Gallery and videoed by Juno Gemes and shared with us today.



Book launch  of two books 

1. Bobish by Magdalena Ball  a poignant poetry memoir of her great grandmother and her escape from the programs of Eastern Europe


Willo Drummond in  Moon Wrasse, engages with gender transition from the perspective of a life partner – and disenfranchised grief.