requiem for a suicide bomber

This poem is based on a true story. The wall built by Israeli goes through Palestinian  farms without  discretion and this woman who had to face the check points each day  to work on her Uncle’s farm faced this indignity, which a year later had her die in a markets, in her effort  to  kill.

Is it revenge.? Is it as a result of powerlessness. I believe terrorism is a vicious cycle and we have a lot of work to do to change this world wide way.




Palestinian workers salvage building materials near Erez Crossing at the northern border between Gaza and Israel, Beit Hanoun, February 18, 2014. A remote-controlled sniper gun is mounted on a nearby Israeli military watchtower in the border wall. Human rights organizations have documented dozens of cases of Israeli army gunfire at persons who posed no threat and were well outside the 300-meter so-called "no-go zone" imposed by the Israeli military inside Gaza's borders. In many cases, no warning was given before soldiers opened fire.




requiem for a suicide bomber

twice each day
she passes through the check point
the eye of a needle
portal of a war-torn heart
to work on the other side
the concrete wall cuts
a vandal’s knife
through her uncle’s farm

on this day
shuffling through eyes lowered
she shows her work pass

well polished black boots
feet planted squarely apart
block her way

she looks up
his eyes
malevolent intent
blinding as the light off the barrel of his gun
her fear
his turn on

he taunts
pulls her hard against his uniformed body
like an inflatable sex doll
laughs at her impotent disgust
and his power

a year later
with posture of defeat
a heavy belt around her waist
she walks into a busy market-place
her body
a weapon