Tall Tales and True by David Bentham OAM


What a special event, an important milestone, a great celebration and launch of a book  we enjoyed on Saturday July 22nd 2023. 

Tall Tales and True by David Bentham

Congratulation David Bentham  OAM. I know well the hard work to begin, continue, persevere,  achieve a draft,  rewrite, edit, re-edit, create cover,  publish and on  and on.

Finally you have the book,  your first book in your hand and it is very worthy  now to  receive accolades and celebrate.   A very big congratulations to Decima Wraxall  who inspired , encourages , edited and set typred the book for David. Loyal friendship  and much time was given by Decima to finalise this book and bring it to fruition.  It was such an honour to have the Honourable Minister Deputy Premier Prue Car MP to launch the book and  it was great to have a chat with her.