in the clouds


This poem came from a bit of fun we had on the first day I used my new Apple laptop. I wrote for a while and when I pushed save it went directly to the cloud.
‘O no ‘ i laughed . . . I rushed onto the balcony there was the big beautiful sky, cloudless. Then I had some fun writing the following:

in the clouds

as a child i loved to lie on grass
see shapes in clouds
i still see feathers and angels

as a poet i have dreamt of clouds
marshmallow at sunset
cauliflower by day
ruffled at dusk

on my new mac air
i compose the first draft of a poem
push save
and it goes to icloud

then the panic sets in
i rush outside
except for a tiny airbrush

should have done this yesterday
when there was a swarm of clouds
yet there was fog then
surely thats not ideal

this would only be reliable
if we lived under a cloud
far too gloomy for me

some say i have my head in the clouds
i would like to live on cloud nine
but that’s not good for a writer

sometimes on the horizon
i see a cloud-bank
but no-one trusts banks today
i know we have cloudbursts especially in summer
what will happen to my poem then

maybe icloud beclouds the issue

cumulus although poetic are unstable
glinting cirrus are too high and made of crystal
nimbus would serve the purpose thick and grey
but stratus are soft and luxurious
my poem would swoon curled up there