White Pebbles Haiku Group Autumn Meeting 2024

White Pebbles Haiku Group Autumn Meeting 2024

A warm, calm morning greeted the gathering of our White Pebbles haiku poets for our autumn ginko on Saturday 9th March 2024. It was an Indian Summer day. The heady air of gardenias was coloured by a shimmer of dragonflies fussing over the lotus pond with its rush of cascading water. Added to this was chatter and laughter of children. Ducks and koi roiled with enthusiasm as many little fingers dropped pellets of food into the pond from the viewing platform.

Present at our regular venue, Gosford/Edogawa Japanese Gardens and Regional Gallery, were Beverley George, Gwen Bitti, Maire Glacken, Marilyn Humbert, Colleen Keating, Kent Robinson, and Michael Thorley. Apologies had been received from Samantha Sirimanne Hyde and  Pip Griffin

In the weeks prior to our meeting, Beverley, our convener, had emailed a worksheet to use as guidance for reflection and sharing.  After gathering for catchup and coffee, we set out at 10.30 a.m. on our ginko walk and gathered at 11 a. m. for our workshop.  We began by sharing haiku we had written about white pebbles, then our haiku on the word ‘pathway’.

Next we were asked to ponder the Japanese concept of ma, the contained distance and space between objects. We learnt it also refers to time: the intervals between action and event, between sound and silence. We were encouraged to look into the spaces; observe the small things. It was interesting to workshop this idea and listen to the varied responses, including some haiku ready or nearly ready for publishing.

We proudly read our contributions published in Echidna Tracks, and other haiku published elsewhere. Finally we each shared a haiku written by one of the Japanese Masters that we had brought along. A few were able to stay on for lunch at this lovely venue.

Colleen Keating
Member of White Pebbles Haiku Group