In memory of Uvalde’s children by Colleen Keating


As I think of those families mourning the children who died in the Uvalde Elementary School mass shooting in Texas I find myself reflecting on the shining eyes of my Grandchildren: whispering to me about the gift they have made for their Mum for Mothers Day, describing to me how they think they saw the Easter bunny,  the light in their eyes as they open the birthday gifts we bring.  I think of the love I have for them and how I would do anything to protect them from evil that lurches about and my heart weeps for the Grandparents and their lost grandchildren  in the Uvalde Massacre and who have to standby powerless watching their sons and daughters grapple with the loss of a child.  

Poetry can not stop the pain, but poetry can give words to addressing  the agony.  it can stand quietly by for those who are experiencing wrenching heartbreak at this time.

In memory of Uvalde’s children

 our once big world   now a global village
with space and time a lillyput in a satellite realm
is real its song of humanity
its agonising cry

today’s message carries
visions of a school shooting
school photos only left–
tiny faces peering out
their shining eyes
show all the little dreams
children dream
and strip to nakedness
a whole nation

staring once again at emptiness
we are the witness
with adults bent over in pain
– many in foetal position
holding their bodies
from its bloodbath

it is said giving attention
is the rarest and purest sense of generosity

focus on
a small town  a primary school
a classroom
focus on
the good
alive in the agony of dissent
weaving in