Lunar New Moon and a Bird Walk by Colleen Keating

Lunar New Moon

Just before first light we rose
the lunar  moon
was due

we watched  we waited
the hearth of a new day
burst firing the waves

the lunar moon
travelled into its tiger destiny

not even a whisper
or scintella of light
but one with the air

lunar moon
we search the darkness
on the horizon

light  dawn  sunrise
for a wild water tiger
i was surprised
by its gentle silent entry
like a dew drop on a rose
or the tear drop of blood
from the pierce of a thorn

60 years for its return
1962 the year I left
the cocoon of school
for the world
2022 is it the year I bow out
and return
to the cocoon of my world
in nature

lunar new year
the morning glory
are full of welcome

paperbark and purple
morning glory

Bird walk today

Can you see the two cormorants hanging out by the lake in the photo?

just hanging out
they know we are here
two pied cormorants


two cormorants
hanging out by the lake
social distancing


How many kookaburras
makes a coven
waiting for their prey