An English Spring in 10 Pictures by Colleen Keating

An English Spring in 10 Pictures

Out walking in the English fields the idea of rewinding England is in full bloom

spring pond
two green-headed drakes
flaunt with a duck

a blue dragonfly
rests on a pond reed
a piece of sky

from the dark
to full light
white lotus blooms
showing me
the way forward

the unkept park
rewilding nature
we wander amid
a bevy of birds, insects
and blossoming weeds

dandelions, red clover,
buttercups, bees
insects on daisies  and song birds in trees
tadpoles dancing
amidst flowering lotus

And ducklings we watched them just born run all over the lotus leaves . Life was wonderful.  But the next day they are gone.


Story of the tiny Englash Blue Tits that nested in our back yard. An exciting observation.



And then they fledged, played in the apple tree for a little while and were gone, leaving the back yard soquiet and  lonely .

I can go back to concentrate on sparrows and magpies and look for wrens .