My local walk today. I am full of gratitude for this place

This is just my local  afternoon walk . I want to share it with someone so I will share it with my blog.
I set out over the bridge and walked past this place with the camellias just at their peak and I sent the photo to my sister  and she said it looks like a photo from The Isle of  Capri and it is actually in my local walk.

Isn’t it just stunning ?. The red camellia and its carpet and letter box .

Further on the magnolias  were many some wine, some white . I have only included the  wine one here  and you will understsand why I was mesmerised. I remembered that song

I thank God for I still can see the bloom on the white magnolia tree

Then to some of the Australian natives  the Flowering Gum which I have been awaiting and here I catch it with a bee enjoying itself, the Kangaroo Paw and the Banksia

And then the Eucalypts wattle and the Protease  are just amazing all the way along.

and then down into the remnant forest with the creek flowing  so well today I could hear it singing and becking well before I got there and I loved it skipping along . Risked my life to get a good video to show Michael when I got home. I dont think I can get this video up here so here is a photo of it

So I returned home fully energised. How lucky I am and how full of gratitude I am for this local walk.