Elephants by Tyler Jack Little


for Ellie


Elephants     by Tyler


Elephants are humongous.

They are light, silvery-grey.

They use their trunks

to eat and drink .

In water they like to play.

Their tusks are very strong

And they use them to crunch boulders


My elephant is very gentle

when he snuggles on my shoulders

My elephant is soft and small

 I always sleep with him at night

He keeps me warm  and protected

And always makes me feel right

Tyler Jack Little  (8 year old)

My New Cousin by Jacinta Van Eyk

 My New Cousin

by Jacinta Van Eyk


Ethan Michael

is my baby cousin.                        IMG_0972

He is brand new 

with the cutest eyes

and a wriggly body, 

wrapped up in a  blanket 

light blue. 

When I arrive, 

he is sound asleep. 

We all have a little peep,

and then I get to hold 

and cuddle him.

The best is when he lies on me,                     IMG_1296

opens his eyes for me to see 

their deep blue colour.

He stretches

and gives little sighs.

When he gets hiccups

it makes me laugh.

I wish I could be there                                                                                        IMG_1297

to see him have a bath




Writing a poem 

for Ethan Michael 

by Colleen KeatingIMG_1242


in the wee hours of the morning
you stir. . . you are on your way
like a bird from a long migration
you are arriving

as dawn sprinkles its first lights
across the sky    i am awake   alert
to morning bird song and wait
you are arriving

before noon on a bright summer day
you begin with a first breath
your heart   a fluttering bird
you have arrived

i look into your eyes
that carry other worlds
not forgotten yet    by this world
and grasp the beauty and terror
of the journey

you are the living sign of our joy
a part of us      of this world
nested with calm acceptance
of loving arms and familiar voices

for the artist your hair shines dark
crystallised ebony
your skin    the touch of a bird’s soft down
your eyes the deep of ocean-sapphire

for the poet there are no words
just wonder and awe
but like the soar of a lark ascending
writing a poem is my flight of love


(Ethan Michael is our 11th Grandchild born 11/01/19)

my grandchild

Becoming a grandparent is a special experience. I have written lots of poetry about my grandchildren.
This is the first and only poem in this Anthology
A Call to Listen. However i am hoping to gather them all up at some time and put them together for the family. Some of you will relate to the sentiment in my grandchild

my grandchild

gathered up
in my arms
warm and snuggled
is my grandchild

a tiny hand reaches out
to explore my nose
it grasps my glasses
my earrings fascinate

eyes shine with curiosity
smile with delight
laughter is bountiful
and this tiny warm body melts me

i whisper it is a beautiful world
and it is

yet in the background
i know it too is a troubled world

my eyes mirror a world of love
and i hold this precious baby ever closer