return of persephone

Persephone returns as promised and brings with her the spring, new life, new greening, new energy. As the myth goes Hades abducted her as a young girl and carried her down into the underworld. Her mother Demeter searched for her and by the time it was discovered where she was and demanded her return it was found she had eaten of the Pomegranate fruit, 6 seeds in all, hence Hades demanded his rights. It was decided Persephone would have to stay underground for half the year. Persephone returns for the other half bringing with her the spring and the earth flourishes with vegetation and colour. A poem written at dawn on the 1st of Spring was a joyful experience.


return of persephone

on a night-blue sea
still as lovers wrapped in slumber
persephone returns

a world is touched
handmaiden clouds stir

blush pulsate golden
on the edge of anticipation

the sea catches the moment
shimmers like ruffled satin

orange sand-dune clouds high above
hang on the moment

two in a canoe glide smoothly
dark and small on the ocean

an outboard putters
towards fishing grounds

flocks of gulls flash past
wings light up in their sweep

galahs flirt
magpies motif the dawn

flush of technicolour fires
dancing pomegranate-red
into an explosion of ecstasy