Lockdown walk No. 9 Saltwater Creek Boardwalk by Colleen Keating


Leave no footprints

Take only pictures

Constructed by the Central Coast Council to help prevent the destruction as well as protect the sensitive foreshore habitat of the Saltmarsh, the boardwalk is a perfect attraction to spot out water birds, reptiles and fish, as well as vegetation.  Families of magpies gather feeding in the grasses. Herons ducks and the elegrant egret were some of our highlights.





The boardwalk features an education loop and conservation/informative signboards that provide insight into why this is such an important ecological area.


Swamp Oak, Saltmarsh species including glassworts, Sporobolus, and sea purslane are some of the dominant vegetation that can be seen around the boardwalk, as well as many native plants.


It is an accessible boardwalk suitable for prams, strollers, wheelchairs and bicycles. 

Whether you live in the Central Coast or you are visiting/ passing through, be sure to add this recreational natural attraction to your itinerary. 

Saltwater Marsh Boardwalk is located at the eastern end of Lucinda Ave (opposite McLean Street). Carpark can be found at the Saltwater Creek Reserve.

(with acknowledgement and  thanks to Gypsy Rose and her blog WeekendNotes for her great photos and succintct story.)