Easter Sunday 2020

Easter 2020


There is Alleluia in this morning in our heroes.
Easter is in them as they rise to bring, save, comfort, give life in our world.
From cleaners to the top scientists, from shop assistants to nurses and doctors those on the front line and first responders. May we all give them honour and gratitude .For us in our compassionate retreat we can only be grateful.

“Nature does not hurry yet everything is accomplished” . She has suffered painfully this summer . Now she has a little breather to find herself again.

Here is a dawn photo this morning from the terrace  in our time of self isolating which we are terming our compassionate retreat. The second photo a tree atching the Easter sunrise before we received it. Love the gold the first gift of morn.

Easter Morning 2020

Kookaburras wake us singing.
The sun is rising.
An amazing expanse of pink sky.
Magpies are warbling again in the nearby tree ( all summer in smoke-choked air they didn’t sing )
The moon in her silver shoon
journeys west in quiet stillness.
The birds are singing more than ever.

The sweet scent of the lemon balm Eucalypt
and the newly budgeoning buds of the sasanquas fill the air.
All our families are safe at home, some camping in their backyards, some doing Easter bunny hunts in their own gardens.
No hectic trips to church .
No frantic last minute shopping for celebratory functions.
No one has been in traffic jams.
No one is racing heither and thiether to keep important dates or to take the planned Easter holiday.
And not a plane in the sky.
The air is crisp and fresh.

Easter 2020
when we all stayed home
in compassionate retreat

Practiced physical distancing
Not social distancing for Facetime and Zoom are a miracle of social communication . It is physical distancing we face daily which of course for grandparents who love being with their grandchildren is extremely painful.
I am a poet in residence . Normally you would pay a fortune to have that experince .

Seeing the world through childrens’ eyes




Seeing the world through children’s eyes. 

When the tide recedes beyond the horizon
and the underbelly of the sea is exposed
for little adventurers, Edison and Darcy
the rock platform is a necklace of pools
shimmering like emeralds and full of treasure.

Worry of slipping and falling is not their concern
they hop from rock to rock                                                    
clamber about down on their tummies
their shining eyes
reflected in the mirrored sea.

Everything is magical and extraordinary
Come here, quick Grandma 
the crabs are humongous. 
a scuttle of creatures disappear in our shadow
making us wait quietly
pretending we’re not here
as the rocks curl with camouflaged
crustaceans creeping out
and pincers like boxing gloves
point up at us.                                                    

In their eyes there is wonder
as red anemones sway the waves
as the molluscs trail into patterns
as starfish wash up like gift
as a sting ray glides past their toes
as these curious boys
learn to be respectful of the living world

Seeing the world through children’s eyes
makes me happy to be alive
as we steal out to the edge of the sea
and look for whales
as we dig in the sand on the edge of the beach
as we allow gentle laps of waves
to fill our canals and tunnels
and moats to protect our castles
until Darcy sees more fun in jumping
on them as quick as we can  mould the sand
seeing the world through children’s eyes

















Elephants by Tyler Jack Little


for Ellie


Elephants     by Tyler


Elephants are humongous.

They are light, silvery-grey.

They use their trunks

to eat and drink .

In water they like to play.

Their tusks are very strong

And they use them to crunch boulders


My elephant is very gentle

when he snuggles on my shoulders

My elephant is soft and small

 I always sleep with him at night

He keeps me warm  and protected

And always makes me feel right

Tyler Jack Little  (8 year old)

Story of the Homeless Man by Edison with help of his Mum

Story of the Homeless Man by Edison with help of his Mum

Story of the homeless man

We were going to the shops and we saw a homeless man. He had a stick and we were wondering what he was doing. We thought he could be making a fire to keep him warm but we were wrong. We thought he was carving a pencil but we were wrong.

When my mum asked him what was he making, he told us he was trying to make a frame. He told me how he was going to make the frame but sadly he did not have everything he needed. He explained to me that he would need some wood glue to glue the sticks together.

My mum and I said “good luck” and we went to do our shopping.


Later that day, I asked my mum “How much is wood glue?” She didn’t know. I told her I have $74 and if that was enough money to buy wood glue, maybe I could buy it for the homeless man to help him make his frames.

My mum and I went to the shops and bought some wood glue, we found the homeless man and we gave it to him. He said thank you.

As we walked back to our car a big smile filled my face and I felt great. With my big smiling face I told my mum “I’m a bucket filler!!!!”

By Edison Hay (with a little help from my mum)  





Carried on the Wings of Time by Thomas Keating Jones

Congratulations to my Grandson Thomas, a wonderful young poet who received Highly Commended Award at the recent prestigious  Myall Creek  Memorial Day Poetry Competition.

This is the second year he has been awarded  a prize at at this poetry competition.

The Friends of Myall Creek Committee invite all school children from years K to 12 to participate in its annual ‘THOUGHTS AND DREAMS’ competition. The theme this year?

         ‘Living Lingo … International Year of Indigenous Languages’


by Thomas

As Languages fall through the air,

carried on the winds of time,

some fade, disappear,

become echoes of the way it was . . .

an echo we struggle to hear,

as we work on how it should be.

All the languages new and old hold power.

People learn and differ with them.

It is the lyrical key to the vault of volumes of knowledge,

kept in the magic of the voice,

in the retelling,

like a spell to conjure

…to learn.

You have to explore and engage

to find

in language is hope,




We need to speak out,

to be heard.

to keep it alive…

so life is not lost in translation.

Last year Thomas received a book voucher and an Australian book.

We are awaiting this years award.

Here is last years poem by Thomas.

Little Miss G and her first poem

My Rainbow

My rainbow is colourful

red green yellow blue orange

It has white fluffy clouds

I wish I could stand on the rainbow and dance

Little Miss G  sometimes called Bridgie for short gave  me her first beautiful poem to decorate my wall. She was so excited and of course I am proud of my little 4 year old, especially the way she looks after her baby brother and helps her Mummy every day.

#Edi The Adventure of my School Shoes

The Adventure of my  School Shoes

by Edison with a little help from his Mum, Jessica

Everything was packed.
We left straight after school, not even time to get changed.
We travelled to the farm where we met my cousins.
When we arrived the adventures begun.
But oh no! My mum has forgotten my shoes.
My school shoes would have to come on the adventures with me.
Most school shoes would have been kicked off into a dark cupboard and forgotten about for the weekend.
Not my shoes, they went bike riding, climbing, running. They played sports, they collected fire wood and kept warm by the fire.

They collected mud and got washed in the fresh water rivers.
Boy, did these shoes have a good weekend away camping.

They travelled back home with the adventures still showing.
But like Darcy and I, once they had a bath (and a polish from Dad)

all that was left were the memories.
On Tuesday as I walk into school nobody will know but us, the adventures my shoes and I have shared.


#Edi  writing his story,  with school shoes cleaned and ready for school. Thanks Dad.

#Edi with his brother and a cousin