The next three poems are ones I have chosen, that were written on an adventure to Lake Eyre (the official name I have learnt recently Kati Thanda) in flood. We left from Adelaide and travelled to Maree and after our time around the flooded lake and flying over it and a cruise on the flooded flowing Coopers Creek we returned via Parachilna and the Flinders Rangers National Park. Along the way many ruins of adventurous groups that defied the risks before the records and settled . .some built to stay. All had to abandon the area. In 1856 the Goyder line was drawn across South Australia corresponding to a rainfall boundary believed to indicate the edge of the area suitable for agriculture. North of this the rainfall is not reliable enough.. The following poem was written in response to one of the many ruins.


a fallen water tank
rusted blood red
as sere ribs of a dead beast
lies half buried
in the shifting ochre red earth
against stony ruins
dominantly built

a witness
to the firefly hope
and belief

to conquer nature

(In South Australia there are many ruins , remains from the hopeful who built unaware of the goyder line that would be declared in 1865)