Beachcomber by Colleen Keating unveiled

My latest collection of poetry BEACHCOMBER is available from Ginninderra Press, and online from Booktopia, Amazon , Fishpond, Barnes and Noble. like Jonathan Livingston Seagull, these poems will take you flying. Thank you to Stephen Matthews AOM Ginninderra Press and my writing family for their support, positive editing, courage and affirmation.
A poet as beachcomber walks the beach, sometimes with pen and paper, gathering sights and sounds, shells and stones, scents and seagull scenes. Yet it is not always about the waves and wind, for the sea carries the stories of the world; how it connects and disconnects, how it gives and takes, reveals how we treat it. Humanity is always present in its deep moans and its dance of exaltation.
When you listen, the ocean has much to say. Pick up Beachcomber and enjoy wave by wave.