The Society of Women Writers NSW by Colleen Keating

Proud to be called Winner today

The Society of Women Writers NSW.

The stars of the Society’s Biennial Book Awards take a bow. The poet Collen Keating received the highest accolades with two wins for her 20 year journey writing the verse novel – ‘Hildegard of Bingen’ – Winner, Poetry, Society of Women Writers (NSW) Awards 2020; Winner, Non-fiction, Society of Women Writers (NSW) Awards 2020 – published by the boutique award winning literary publisher Ginninderra Pess

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At the Society’s Biennial Book Awards, the poetry was judged by eminent poet, writer, reviewer, academic and critic Margaret Bradstock. The Poetry collections were outstanding with the 20 year journey writing ‘Hildegard of Bingen’ as the winner.
‘What an oeuvre! What a superb and elaborate work! These nine books of poems by Australian poet Colleen Keating tell Hildegard’s story in a stunning way. The reader feels put into the landscape and ambience of Hildegard’s medieval cloistered world. Thus I highly recommend reading, tasting and meditating on this poetic journey with Hildegard of Bingen.’ – Dr Annette Esser, Founder and President of the Scivias Institute for Art and Spirituality, Germany.
The shortlist was Pip Griffin’s ‘Margaret Caro’
Collen Keating’s ‘Desert Patterns’.
Tricia Dearborn’s ‘Autobiochemistry’.
What an outstanding list of poets!