Love is Powerful by Thomas Keating-Jones

There is hope.  Just read Thomas’ s latest poem .As a poet myself, I am so proud of my Grandson  7 1/2 year old Thomas.      His poem is a healing for our planet. I think you will agree with words like this, there is Hope . 

Love is Powerful

When rage is too powerful to overcome

Love is the one who steps forward to take its chance to change.

The universe greets life with the most powerful force –

Friendship and unity 

As together they create something that’s alive.

It cannot be replaced

It cannot be destroyed.

It can be forgotten and that is the danger!

So power up what you love most

to bring the Earth to health.

Power up your green heart.

Power up your blue heart.

Power up together to face the rage and destruction.

Our planet is worth it to protect our nature and its wonder .

Thomas Keating-Jones

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